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This section contains presentations and guidance documents from NMISA staff related to the field of Time & Frequency.

Using GPS for establishing frequency traceability in a Time & Frequency accredited facility
Mr Chris Matthee

This presentation was delivered on 2 July 2013 to an audience consisting mostly of representatives from laboratories accredited by SANAS in the field of Time & Frequency. The presentation discussed the basics of satelitte navigation systems, transfering time & frequency information using these systems and how it can be applied in the South African context to comply with the traceability requirements of ISO 17025.

Presentation: Traceability using GPS - Portable Document Format (pdf) - 685 kB
Application Note: Traceability using GPS - Portable Document Format (pdf) - 1.3 MB

NOTE: Since this presentation was given in 2013, NMISA has upgraded its capability. The values for the GLONASS system is now also included in the monthly TF Bulletin and NMISA has calibrated all the remaining components in the chain to be able to provide time traceability. The monthly TF Bulletin still cannot be used to obtain time traceability. Companies interested in obtaining time traceability are invited to contact NMISA for a discussion regarding the requirements on the user side.